•  Compiler : DAMDI Publishing House
    47 PTs and 1,102 slides with 18 DESIGN TEAMS all over the world
    280 x 225mm, printed in all color
    736p, Hard Cover
    ISBN 978-89-6801-049-1

fiyat: 140$



   An architect is a storyteller that unspools a story about life, either their own life or the client’s,
through their architecture.  To be a good storyteller, a lot of experience and practice are necessary.

For any project, the architect goes through an iterative design development for a good narrative
and presentation is one of the essential components for such process.

Every designer knows the importance of a presentation and its roles.
If you are a student of architecture or design, almost every moment is a battle to make a good presentation.
A well-made presentation not only explains the design concept, but also becomes very useful
when making the final panel of a project.

Damdi’s new publication, 『Presentation』, contains the PPT slides and videos that were actually used
by the featured architects, showcasing their tips and tricks. The publication features a wide variety of presentations,
from a simple PPT of mere 10 slides to over 60. It also includes all the design processes involved and
comments notated on each slide, allowing readers to derive their own answers to a successful presentation.

The『Presentation』does more than just show a series of slides or list handy presentation tips,
but demonstrates how the PPT is actually deployed in practice, as if readers are joined in the presentation room.