Masterpieces: Roof Architecture Design

Manuela Roth
Masterpieces: Roof Architecture + Design

German, English
23.5 x 23.5 cm
304 pages
488 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-113-8

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  •     Nomiya in Paris, France (Pascal Grasso with Laurent Grasso)
  •     Tehama Grasshopper in San Francisco, USA (Fougeron Architecture)
  •     Moritzburg Museum, Germany (Nieto Sobejano)
  •     Argo Egota in Tokyo, Japan (Suppose Design Office)
  •     Ozulama Residence in Mexico-City, Mexiko (Architects Collective)

In the large cities and metropolitan areas, very few building plots remain in central locations. This is precisely why the development, expansion and new construction of roof levels and attics are an expedient and popular form of redensification. Existing buildings are expanded vertically, and designed and adjusted to meet contemporary desires and requirements based on their specific uses.

Masterpieces: Roof Architecture + Design presents contemporary projects from around the world, successful symbioses of existing structure and new attic design, that enliven the city and creatively enhance the urban cityscapes. All projects have one thing in common - they respond to a longing of the residents and users to experience unlimited freedom above the rooftops.