Display, Commercial Space & Sign Design Vol. 40

Display, Commercial Space & Sign Design Vol. 40 (İngilizce) Ciltli Kapak

Ciltli Kapak
Yayıncı: Azur Corporation (16 Mayıs 2013)
Dil: İngilizce
ISBN-10: 4897377153
ISBN-13: 978-4897377155
Ürün Boyutları: 23,9 x 3,1 x 30,3 cm

Fiyatı : 330 TL



This essential reference work provides insight into the world of commercial design; it is valued as the most authoritative annual in the world, suitable for the planning of shops, cities and events, consisting of works that capture movement and trend. Categories include: Exhibitions, Communication Spaces, Museums, Show windows, In-store Displays, Shops, Restaurants, Service Facilities, Multi-Commercial Establishments, Signs. Text in English and Japanese.