Chamber of Architects Berlin (Ed.)2

Chamber of Architects Berlin (Ed.)
Baukultur in und aus der Hauptstadt

21 x 27 cm
184 pages
423 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-147-3

Fiyatı : 100 TL



  •     Dalian Twin Towers, China (gmp)
  •     CMA CGM Tower in Marseille, France (Zaha Hadid)
  •     7 World Trade Center in New York, USA (SOM)
  •     Center for Virtual Engeneering in Stuttgart, Germany (UNStudio)
  •     O-14 in Dubai, UAE (Reiser + Umemoto)


The expectations and demands on office buildings and workspaces have increased significantly in the course of the 21st century digital revolution. In the Internet era, office work is playing an increasingly important and more creative role. An optimized work environment improves the motivation and performance of employees as the "human capital" of companies. This is reflected in a variety of innovative workplace types such as flexible combination offices, business clubs, or lounge workspaces, as well as spaces for informal communication and relaxation.

The suitable implementation of such concepts is based more than ever on the creative design abilities of architects and interior designers. This publication shows the most interesting solutions for contemporary offices. The selection ranges from small units consisting of two rooms, via office complexes in multifunctional buildings, to sprawling corporate skyscrapers. The book presents an exciting mix of the works of well-established architectural firms as well as promising newcomers.