Chamber of Architects Berlin (Ed.)

Chamber of Architects Berlin (Ed.)
Baukultur in und aus der Hauptstadt

21 x 27 cm
192 pages
405 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-111-4

Fiyatı : 100 TL



  •     State Ballet School of Berlin and the School of Acrobatic Arts, Germany (gmp)
  •     Friedrichstadt Pharmacy in Berlin, Germany (Wiewiorra Hopp Architekten)
  •     Nordbahnhof Park in Berlin, Germany (Fugmann Janotta)
  •     Aviation Museum in Cracow, Poland (Pysall Architekten)
  •     Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain (J. Mayer H.)

Berlin's architecture and architecture ‘made in Berlin' enjoy worldwide acclaim and attention. The variety of ideas, the technical perfection with which it is implemented and the attention to ecological aspects are essential factors which characterise the building culture in and from Berlin.
In the past year, marvellous new buildings, astonishing facelifts and wonderful interiors have been designed and created - not only in the capital itself but also in other countries. An essay has been allocated to each of the eight topic sections. These essays look at what is currently happening in Berlin on the ever-changing architectural front. The essays deal with topics such as the urbanisation of the government district, architectural drawings and archiving them as well as an international comparison of underground stations from the point of view of contemporary design.